Methodology for Conference Proceedings Assessment: a Conference Proceedings Dataset

Published: 10 May 2020| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/hswn9y67rn.5
Dmitry Kochetkov,


This dataset represents the alternative approach to research evaluation based on conference proceedings data. It contains data of 171 conference proceedings in 15 subject areas. More than half of the proceedings belong to Computer Science and Engineering. An SJR-based approach allowed us to allocate the conference proceedings into categories Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 by analogy with journal quartiles. We would like to stress the importance of using subject-specific quartiles for conferences because the significance of the same conference in different communities varies. Thus, a conference can belong to several subject areas and can have different quartiles there. Most high-quality conference proceedings are observed in Computer Science and Engineering. It is important to note that the list reflects only non-journal and non-book sources. We have evaluated conference proceedings, not the conferences themselves (exclusively bibliometric data are not enough to assess conferences). Such a quantitative assessment may be a convenient auxiliary tool, but it does not eliminate the need for expert evaluation.



Universiteit Leiden Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Rossijskij universitet druzby narodov, Nacional'nyj issledovatel'skij universitet Vyssaa skola ekonomiki


Computer Science, Library and Information Science, Bibliometrics