WWGENPV — A Monte Carlo event generator for four-fermion production in e + e − → W + W − → 4f

Published: 1 September 1995| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3gvcw8636m.1
Guido Montagna, Oreste Nicrosini, Fulvio Piccinini


Abstract The Monte Carlo program WWGENPV, designed for computing distributions and generating events for the four-fermion process e ^+ e ^- → W ^+ W ^- → 4f is described. It is based on the calculation of the exact tree-level matrix element of the four-fermion reaction and in... Title of program: WWGENPV Catalogue Id: ADBU_v1_0 Nature of problem The precise measurement of the W-boson mass MW constitutes a primary task of the forthcoming experiments at high energy electron-positron collider LEP2 (2MW <= sqrt(s) <= 210 GeV). This experimental goal will be possible through the study of the four-fermion reaction e+e- -> W+W- -> 4f. A meaningful comparison between theory and experiment requires an accurate description of the fully exclusive process e+e- -> W+W- -> 4f, including the main effects of radiative corrections, with the final goal o ... Versions of this program held in the CPC repository in Mendeley Data ADBU_v1_0; WWGENPV; 10.1016/0010-4655(95)00077-S ADBU_v2_0; WWGENPV 2.0; 10.1016/S0010-4655(96)00122-1 This program has been imported from the CPC Program Library held at Queen's University Belfast (1969-2019)



Computational Physics, Elementary Particle